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End Gas Flaring in Niger Delta

The oil rich Niger Delta region of Nigeria is a host to about 30 million people. Sadly, the lives of people in this region is threatened by the hazardous effects of over 60 years of gas flaring. About 2 million Niger Deltans would call gas flaring sites their home, living just 4 kilometers away from the constant billowing of scotching flames clouding the skies. The people of Niger Delta continue to face a terrible epidemic of air pollution from gas flaring with no respite. Even though Nigeria depends hugely on crude oil, there is lack of proper legislation, regulation and implementation of exploration laws to end irresponsible Gas flaring. Since 1969, the Nigerian government has put in some constitutional measures in attempts to reduce gas flaring in Nigeria. Unfortunately lack of enforcement and implementation has continuously shifted the deadline for bringing gas flaring in Nigeria to a zero level. 2008 was set in 1996 as the zero gas flaring target year while 2020 was set in 2010. Moving this goal post has put millions of Nigerians in terrible danger. The gases emitted during the flaring in the atmosphere contain poisonous substances such as dioxins, benzene, toluene, nitrogen and sulphur dioxide. These poisonous gasses cause contaminations to air, impacts surface and ground water, soil and vegetation and destroys homes, food sources and infrastructure. Most importantly, it causes terrible health problems for the people of the region; health problems such as blood cancers and abnormalities, insomnia, weakness, brain damage and tumors, asthma and bronchitis, skin diseases and lung swellings, sexual reproductive problems, pre and post natal complications, physical deformities in both adults and children and finally death!
A visit to the region would immediately alert you on the poor quality of air residents are subjected to breathe in daily. A study carried out in Rivers State in 2015 confirmed the high concentration of carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and an assortment of metals. The numerical values of pollutants all exceeded WHO standards in alarming degrees. Dr Furo Green, a consultant at Braithwaite Memorial Hospital who was interviewed by Vanguard in April 2018 expressed that 6000 of Rivers state residents are at the risk of developing cancer. It is was estimated by the same publication that in 15 to 20 year, if gas flaring was not stopped in Rivers State, 10 out of every 100 persons would develop cancer. Remember, cancer has no cure.
SING Foundation is standing with the people of the Niger Delta to put a stop to the menace of gas flaring. Join us to charge the Nigerian government to take steps in ending Gas flaring today. Our Future is in danger!

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End Gas Flaring in Niger Delta
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