SING Talks

SING Talks is a biweekly discussion programme powered by SING Nigeria to address developmental problems through constructive arguments, and evidence-based discussions; where we lend our unbiased position and act as agents of accountability, while tackling challenges of Good Governance, Environmental Sustainability, and Human Capital Development. One key way of achieving our mandate is by building a strong and engaged community, as well as mobilizing dynamic partnerships and collaborations around the contemporary and evolving issues we work on, so as to champion and help to catalyze a society that is free of poverty and develops sustainably.

We strongly hold that championing discussions on our core thematic areas and other topical social issues will aggregate citizens’ demands and ideas for tackling the challenges facing Nigeria in the 21st century. The ‘Office of the Citizen’ remains the most powerful in any democracy, and one key way to activating that office is by raising a conscious citizenry, which is only possible through creating platforms for conversations that draw them to hold their leaders accountable on issues that affect their wellbeing in the short, medium and even long term. Featured programmes are live streamed and uploaded on our social media platforms (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook).