Environment Walk

In commemoration of the 2019 World Environment Day, SING Nigeria organized an awareness walk tagged “Walk to End Gas Flaring” which was aimed at raising public consciousness on the effects and impact the continued gas flaring is having on the environment and the people living in the Niger Delta region with the aim of stimulating public action and collective commitment to sustainable environmental practices. The event also offered the opportunity for the organization to urge governments, Oil companies, manufacturing industries, communities, and individuals to come together to explore options of renewable energy and green technologies, in order to improve air quality in cities and communities across the Niger Delta and the country at large.

The walk was conducted simultaneously in Rivers and Bayelsa States in collaboration with local NGOs, CBOs. Key individuals/influencers notably advocates for environmental stability also joined the team in the Walk to create awareness on the harmful effects of gas flaring on the people and the environment in the Niger Delta. Gas flaring remains one of the major causes of air pollution in the oil producing Niger Delta states. These poisonous gases cause acid rain and impacts surface and ground water which results in terrible health problems for the people of the region. The theme of the 2019 World Environment Day (#BeatAirPollution) therefore strategically offered SING Foundation an opportunity to demand action from the government towards ensuring safety of its citizens by eliminating the unsafe practice of gas flaring in the Niger Delta.