Early Learning Centre

The quality of and access to facilities in schools have a direct measurable impact on educational outcomes, as well as the wellbeing of students and teachers. Children under age 15 make up 44% of Nigeria’s rising population, yet their future appears not to be a major concern to the government. Existing public primary and secondary school buildings in Nigeria lack adequate maintenance attention. Most public secondary school buildings are in very poor and deplorable conditions. Additionally, the quality of teaching is very poor. Sadly, this is worse in rural communities as they suffer constant neglect.

This drove the need for SING to intervene and contribute its own quota to society by becoming the voice of the children especially in rural areas. As a pilot initiative, SING established an early learning center in Opume community to help cater for the early learning needs of children at no costs to the beneficiaries. Established on 9th September 2007, The Unity Day Nursery School Opume commenced academic activities in September 2008. Since then, over 1000 children have benefited from this structured environment. In this school, children in rural communities have the opportunity to learn in a positive environment that is engaging for each child. Following the success of this ongoing project, plans are under way to establish similar centers in more rural communities in Nigeria

Timeline: Each level of training takes a duration of 3 months to complete.
Location: Opume Community in Ogbia LGA, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.


To help cater for the early learning needs of children at no costs to the beneficiaries

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