Code 3 Project

SING Nigeria’s CODE 3 project addresses the country’s educational challenge and the skill gap by making digital technology for self-learning and personal development accessible to the youth. This project aims to empower the country’s young who are often marginalized and underprivileged by creating an inclusive society in which they can, regardless of social class, gender, religion, disabilities or displacement, be taught digital skills and apply their learning to create their own future and encourage social change.

Timeline: 3 Months
Location: Nigeria


To empower the young to LEARN technical skills with expert mentors who support their digital practices and opportunities.
To equip the young to, through their improved digital competencies, to INNOVATE income-generating opportunities for their urban and rural communities.
To position the next generation as solution designers that can culturally and socially IMPACT Nigeria, Africa, and the world at large.

SDGs Focus