Creative Intelligence Technology and Digital Skills Development

Youth unemployment has been a major challenge in Nigeria. It has continued virtually unabated, leaving today’s young people facing enormous challenges finding decent jobs and earning an income. SING Nigeria identified the need to fast track the country’s ability to maximise the potential demographic dividend where the youth can transform the country and the continent away from the generational cycle of poverty and stagnant economic growth through the Creative Intelligence Technology (CIT) and Digital Skills Development (DSD).

The CIT & DSD Project pedals on the notion that building job creators is more beneficial to economic development than building job seekers. It adopts a unique and futuristic approach of pedagogical excellence, where young people are equipped with CIT & Digital skills that positions them to be globally competitive. The aim of the CIT & DSD programme is to tackle the apparent gaps in formal education systems by providing an accelerated path for motivated people to develop the CIT & Digital skills that are in high demand today. While encouraging young people to become innovators, creative practitioners, techpreneurs and change makers, the programme adopts a practical based approach where participants work on a unique project designed to provide solutions to a challenge in their communities.


THE CIT & DSD programme is a
4 weeks intensive in-person training course


To provide an innovative and sustainable solution that bridges the skills and unemployment gap in Nigeria through the adoption of Creative Intelligence Technology and Digital Skills Development.

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