Insecurity: SING Nigeria Condemns Prioritisation of Politics over Lives of Citizens
9th June 2022 0

SING Nigeria condemns in strongest terms, the daylight onslaught against innocent worshippers at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Owaluwa in Owo, Ondo state by terrorists; and the obvious priority given to party politics over the lives of Nigerians by the nation’s political leaders.

The gruesome maiming and attacks on armless citizens all over the country is an indication that the government is failing in its primary responsibility of protecting lives and properties, signaling a failed state. Our security network has failed to gather intelligence about these operations, and respond adequately in most cases, leaving helpless citizens defenseless.

The country is currently engulfed in several forms of organized crimes, ranging from terrorism, banditry and kidnapping in the north, killer gunmen in the east and armed militia terrorizing and killing innocent Nigerians in the west, and the government, rather than finding a lasting solution, is only interested in power politics ahead of the 2023 general elections.

This must not continue, otherwise, the country may descend into a state of statelessness. The President and Commander in Chief of Arm Forces, President Muhammadu Buhari must wake up to the oath of his office, where he swore to defend and protect lives and properties of all Nigerians.

The service chiefs must immediately demonstrate strength the capacity to overrun these enemies of the state. It’s inconceivable that some victims of the Kaduna train attacks are still in captivity after over two months for example. The pains and agony of the victims and their families is unimaginable.

The current situation where party politics is taking a centre stage over the lives of citizens is preposterous and the new heights of disregard by our political leaders. We cannot reiterate enough the need for government to address the critical problems of structural inequalities, poverty, poor education, and authority continued negligence.

We, therefore, call on security agencies to strengthen preventive and response capacity in order to prevent further attacks on innocent citizens and control the trafficking in small arms and light weapons which the nation has begun to see the effect of prior neglect.

SING Nigeria also expressed the belief that the current spate of youth unemployment must be urgently addressed because when young people are productively engaged, they will be less susceptible to use by agents of societal destabilization.


Dr Itari Turner

Executive Director

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