2022 IWD: The Time to #BreaktheBias of Women Exclusion is Now!
8th March 2022 0

This year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) themed: “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow,” provides an opportunity for all of humanity to reflect on the urgent need to #breakthebias in an age-long tradition of sidelining women in the political and socio-economic process of nations. If the world must overcome the numerous global challenges, gender equality remains the game changer; for “without gender equality today, a sustainable future, and an equal future, remains beyond our reach.”

This is why we continue to condemn unequivocally the failure of the 9th National Assembly to pass the pro-women bills last week, and we are using this medium to call on lawmakers to reconsider the bills in the interest of social justice and equity.

In a democratic society as ours, we strongly hold that women are not lesser citizens; giving their numerical strength during elections, voting to deny women 35 percent affirmative action in party administration and leadership as well as specific seats for women in the National Assembly, for instance, is anti-progressive and a subtle way of subjugating them. In the same vein, women deserve equal privileges as men, and as such, denying citizenship to foreign-born husbands of Nigeria women, whereas a Nigerian man’s foreign-born wife gets automatic citizenship; and also going ahead to deny women the ability to take indigeneship in their husband’s state after five years of being together should be seen as the very heights of gender discrimination.

The cost of women exclusion and underrepresentation in governance and decision making is glaring. It is high time we understood that both genders do not share the same policy preferences; as a result, women’s absence in key policy decisions means that their interests are not properly represented in the governance process for improved socio-economic growth.

On this note, we warn that consistent disregard and exclusion of women in the governance process is also “code red for humanity,” the same way neglecting climate actions portend danger for all of humanity.

Today, we want to specially recognise the resilience of Nigerian women who have continued to scale unimaginable heights in all spheres of endeavours despite cultural, economic and political limitations. As we reflect on this year’s IWD theme, we call on all governments around the world to prioritise massive investment and empowerment of women and girls if it must slow down and reverse global economic crises in a covid-19 pandemic world. We reiterate our belief in the ability of Women to lead global moves and inspire great transformation and change in our societies.

Once again, we extend our congratulations and thumbs up to all resilient Women that have contributed in different capacities at homes, offices, local, national and international stages in making our world a better place.

Today, we say to all women, it is time to #Breakthebias and ensure a society based on equality and equity.

Happy Celebration!

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