Idris Usman Resigns as Executive Director of SING Nigeria
16th February 2022 0

Sustainable Initiative for Nurturing Growth (SING) has announced the resignation of its Pioneer Executive Director, Idris-Etanami Usman.

This decision was arrived at after a closed-door meeting with members of the Board of Trustees of the organization on Monday, February 14th, 2022. The out-going Executive Director, Idris-Etanami Usman, who had meritoriously served the organization in the last four (4) years, has decided to relinquish his position to enable him to transfer his wealth of experience, giant strides, and achievements as a Civil Society Crusader, and as the President of Future One Africa (FOA); a media organization poised to drive new insights about professionalism in the Nigeria media, Africa, and beyond.

While serving as the Executive Director at SING Nigeria, Idris-Etanami Usman’s dynamic leadership style snowballed the organization’s presence to where it is today. This has been unfathomably acknowledged and visibly demonstrated through his unwavering and passionate drive for the organization’s growth over the past four years. Indeed, he was rock solid on seeing that the organization evolves with its vision and mission.

To this, the organization is profoundly grateful and enthralled to have had him serve it in that capacity. Although it was a tough decision to accept his temporary resignation, we are confident that the organization will continue to work and build on his already established giant strides while reaffirming our dose of trust and confidence in his new position as President of FOA. He will continue to advance critical changes that will effectively contribute to the development of the organization and society at large.

SING Nigeria, therefore, calls upon its Development Partners, Stakeholders, and volunteers to be informed of this new development while requesting continued support in what we have been doing and would continue to do.

Further development regarding a new Executive Director of the organization will be clearly and adequately communicated to the public in due time.

Thank you.

Signed: Management
On Behalf of the Board of Trustees

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