Nembe Oil Spill, Stakeholders Must Act Now
24th November 2021 0

As we continue to empathise with communities affected by the ongoing oil spillage in Nembe, we call on stakeholders, including AITEO, relevant government agencies and International Oil Companies to urgently prioritise and work together to end the spills which started since the 5th of November, in order to forestall further risk to lives and livelihood of the people of the affected communities whose mainstay is farming and fishing.

Reports of stakeholders’ neglect and nonchalance have been a recurrent issue when cases of oil spills are reported in the Niger-Delta and we strongly condemn and demand that the federal government and other actors be more responsive and take the lives of the people of the region seriously.

Picture excerpts: To mark the 2021 World Environment Day, SING Nigeria reached out to some communities in the Niger Delta in a campaign tagged: Echoes of Victims of Gas Flaring and Oil Spillage. We remember their echoes in the wake of the ongoing spills in Nembe.

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