The Staggering Unemployment Figures in the Context of SING Nigeria’s Code 3 Project
4th March 2021 0

According to available data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Nigeria’s unemployment rate as at the second quarter of 2020 is estimated at 27.1%, representing about 21,764,614 (21.7 million) of the total population.

Also, Nigeria’s underemployment rate is put at 28.6% during same period, representing a total of 55.7% Nigerians who are both unemployed and underemployed during the 2nd Quarters of 2020.

The figures are estimated to be higher today due to the effect of the covid-19 pandemic and resultant recession caused by a period of contraction in economic growth, the recoveries, notwithstanding.

The trajectory over the years has been a steady increase in the unemployment and underemployment figures, signifying a failure to really harness the rich human resources for national growth and development.

The figure shows that Nigerian youth are the most affected with over 13.9 million unemployed; and age 15-21 standing at 40.8%.

While it’s true that majority of the youth population (15-24) are in the school bracket, it’s also a fact that there has not been a deliberate effort to prepare them for the future which is already with us.

One important dimension to solving that future which has continued to suffer neglect from stakeholders is SING Nigeria’s Code-3 Project, an initiative to address the digital skill gap by making technology infrastructures accessible within Nigeria’s community.

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