Jangebe Alleged Abduction: SING Nigeria Condemns Reports, Calls for Security Vigilance in Schools
3rd March 2021 0

Concerned with the growing insecurity issues across the nation and the reported abduction of unspecified number of students in the early hours of Friday, the Sustainable Initiatives for Nurturing Growth (SING) Nigeria has condemned the unacceptable incidence that happened at the Government Girls Secondary School, Jangebe, Zamfara State. This was as it called for security vigilance in order to forestall periodic reoccurrence.

The SING made this position in a statement released by the Public Relations Officer of the Organization, Victor Agi, in the wake of the new reported case of abduction, noting that the periodic abduction of school students portends a serious danger to the future of Nigeria and the destiny of the younger generation.

“These targeted attacks at school students, is to say the least, highly condemnable, and should not be encouraged to continue. It is a traumatic experience that no Nigerian child should be subjected to, and it is high time the government and relevant stakeholders put a complete stop to these cowardly acts by terrorists, bandits and kidnappers.

“Schools are places for learning and education, and if the government agrees that we are as developed as we are educated, then, the security of our schools should be paramount”, the statement read in part.

The SING Nigeria called on security to be tightened up around high risks communities to forestall reoccurrence, while also calling for measures to rid the Northern region of banditry.

“We must be wary of activities and moves that intend to make banditry and kidnapping lucrative to perpetrators. These are crimes which must be tackled with every sense of responsibility. Efforts at making crimes acceptable should be condemned and discouraged by the state in its entirety; and when we also encourage politicization of security through our statements and body languages, we end up emboldening criminals”.

While the statement urged for the immediate rescue of all victims of kidnapping and banditry, it called for the activation of relevant security operations that will reduce crimes to its barest minimum.

“We urged for prompt action by both the federal and government of Zamfara State that will lead to the rescue and release of the innocent school students. Relevant security apparatuses should be immediately deployed to ensure the safe release of the abducted students, while criminals are properly apprehended and brought to book.

“To guarantee the safety of students in the region, it is equally advised that a state of emergency be declared on school security in the northern region until government find a lasting solution to the incessant kidnapping which has become a high paying business for criminals.

“The Kagara school abduction is still fresh in our minds, with no report of their release at press time, it is therefore highly unthinkable that another attack could be condoned. We must be careful not to descend into a failed state where lives and properties are no longer safe”, the statement further read.

While it commended the move by President Muhhamadu Buhari to rule out granting amnesty to bandits and terrorists, it urged the President to be more decisive in actions that will put an end to their activities in the country: “criminals should be dealt with accordingly, and the nation should be mindful of encouraging others to take up arms in the believe that government will grant them amnesty”, it said.

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