Survey Shows Edo Voters May Vote Across Party Lines – SING Nigeria
17th September 2020 0

Except in the area of logistics, whoever wins Saturday Election can be sure that party played minimal role in his victory. According to the issues poll conducted by SING Nigeria, 50% of the voters are voting for the candidates – not political parties. This is a clear indication that the character of each candidate since coming into public reckoning will play a decisive role at the polls.

Other issues upon which SING Nigeria guaged the pulse of electorates revealed that,

37% of the voters are persuaded by party manifesto

10% are attracted to financial benefits

57% believe youth employment should be a priority

On the issue of character, the candidates of the two leading political parties have been hit by virulent missiles of character assassination in the last few weeks. Party loyalty is hardly a selling point for both candidates – having changed from one party to the other in the run-up to the election.

The voters ultimately may be looking for who will keep his electoral promise (manifesto). Who connects more with the grassroots? These questions will be top on the checklist of character judgment for voters. The internal pollsters of the candidates may be able to make a fair projection in this regard.

It will be interesting to see the voter’s own strength of character when vote-buying comes into play on election day.
In this regard, SING has already embarked on a saturation campaign tagged #EndMoneyPolitics. With 100 observers and volunteers deployed to all wards in Edo State, SING Nigeria may be able to reduce the role of money in distorting the issues already identified by voters.

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