SING Nigeria Applaud US Embassy For Banning Election Riggers in Bayelsa, Kogi State
16th September 2020 0

By: Benedict Aguele

. …. Says it will serve as a deterrent to others

SING Nigeria has commended the American Embassy in Nigeria for banning politicians from the united states for their perceived role of election rigging that undermined the governorship elections in Bayelsa and Kogi states.

In a statement in Abuja signed by SING Nigeria Executive Director, Comrade Idris Usman he said this is indeed is a welcome development from the United States Embassy in Nigeria especially at a time where the Edo State Elections are coming up in a few days.

Comrade Idris Usman said once the political elite is aware of the consequences of their actions that is possible of undermining the nations young democracy they will be very wary and act accordingly, but in a situation that there are no consequences for their action in undermining the political process for their own political gains then they will continue to thrive in it.

We also hope that all other sanctions will follow not just the visa ban he concluded.

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