Edo2020: Campaign marred with threats and counter threats from major contenders while plans are on top gear for vote-buying.
16th September 2020 0

SING Nigeria has recently conducted pre-election investigations in Edo state and has noticed that the
the forthcoming election is witnessing a setback from various quarters, as campaigns rather than
providing solutions to unanswered questions of development, economic emancipation etc. are marred
with threats and counter threats from the major contenders.

These are signs of declining standards in our electioneering process, which should have witnessed a
more significant improvement. It is important that we establish a link between pre-election
manifestoes, blueprints, or campaign statements; these are seriously calling in the engaging campaigns in Edo State. Our organization is using this medium to call on candidates, most especially aspirants of
the two major contending parties, to refrain from the campaign of calumny and shift towards issue-based
campaigning that will be from a genuine agenda.

We do hope that the electoral system will be restructured for successful campaigns that will be driven
by content of viable agenda rather than hate speech and threats of violence everywhere.

SING Nigeria urges security agencies, INEC, and all critical stakeholders to help ensure law and order
is observed during electioneering in the state.
On the other hand, with less than a week to the governorship election, it is important to bring to the public
notice, the visible threat towards achieving a desirable election by contenders of the forthcoming

SING Nigeria has gathered that both candidates of 2 major political parties are already setting aside financial resources for vote-buying.
One of the mandates of SING Nigeria in the forthcoming elections is to see how money politics can be reduced to the barest minimum and from a huge source of respondents, we gathered that both parties are to pay between ₦5,000 to ₦7,000 per voter, thus bringing to the fore, the issue of illicit money flow on election day.
As a project, SING Nigeria is currently running advocacy tagged ‘End Money Politics’ (#EMP).
Thus, in line with this, we urge voters and critical stakeholders of Edo State to help in cushioning the effects of illicit financial flow at elections.
We hope that our politicians become more responsive to the need of the common man, with respect to providing the needed enabling working environment, so as to generate a reflective spill over on our social, cultural, and economic activities on a daily basis.
Furthermore, SING Nigeria uses this medium to appeal to all Edo voters to conduct themselves in a
peaceful manner and ensure that they uphold their integrity by ensuring that control must be put on the illegal financial flow so as to restore sanity to our electioneering process.

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