Edo/Ondo2020: SING Nigeria Urge Politicians to Focus Their Campaigns on Issues
6th August 2020 0

September 19 2020, is Edo State Governorship elections and campaigns are at top gears for all political parties but it has become worrisome as the campaigns are already loaded with threats from various candidates.

It is however imperative to note that world politics is shifting towards issue-based campaigns. On this development, SING Nigeria, urges all politicians and critical stakeholders in the forthcoming Edo Election to adopt a more positive style of campaign by engaging citizens on expected deliverables of democracy rather than engaging in hate speeches and campaigns of calumny against each other vis a vis a paradigm shift from violence and illicit spending in Elections.

Consequently, it is also important that politicians should do their best in reducing the risk of people contacting the dreaded Covid-19 virus by ensuring strict adherence to the NCDC protocols and provision of personal protective equipment. We also call on all eligible voters in Edo State to cast their votes without recourse to any form of inducement but based on convictions about candidates of their choices. Elections, however, should not be a do or die affair.

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