SING Demands National Quarantine over COVID-19
28th March 2020 0

SING, just like other Nigerians and the global community is seriously worried about the rising trend in the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, which has brought to the fore, the capacity of our country, to upgrade her effort to contain and win the war against COVID-19 epidemic.

The available daily statistics on the confirmed and not yet confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria, even though doubtful, is not an exciting one.

Whereas, we are not impressed, by the lack of transparency, in the Federal government’s approach to tackling this pandemics, which Independent investigation has shown, is gradually spreading out of control.

While commending the efforts of some State governments particularly of Lagos and Kaduna state, we are urging every states of the federation, to immediately embark on proactive measures, that can halt the frightening trend of the Coronavirus spead in our country.

At this crucial moment, no decision is wiser, than a total quarantine of the entire country. As a matter of urgency, President Muhammadu Buhari should declare a National state of emergency and put the entire coutry on a lockdown.

We are seriously afraid, because of the glaring lack of human, technological and financial capacities of our country, to face the likely consequences of a further spead of this pandemic.

We also call on Nigerians to obey every regulatory advisory within this moment of our national challenge, while also admonishing them to take seriously, individual and community hygiene which includes wash of hands regularly and thoroughly with soap for at least 20 seconds before and after you touch anyone. Practice social distancing, since COVID-19 loves and thrives in crowded places, Isolating oneself for at least 14-day if you are feeling sick, regular use of alcohol based hand sanitizers.

Nigerians must realise, that we are all in this together and this time demand collective action. We must all be ready to take ownership of the fight against Coronavirus, because waiting on government alone, at a time like this may eventually lead to worse consequences.

Signed Idris Usman
Executive director
SING Nigeria

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