SING Foundation: Military Excesses In Akwa Ibom State Stand Condemned The Land Of Promise Is Not A War Zone
13th August 2019 0

Elections are a civil matter all over the world and are meant to be conducted in a manner that reflects the wishes of all citizens, devoid of fear and intimidation in order to vote in leaders who would be accountable to the people. The Nigerian military, in this very election cycle, has hit a new low even by its characteristically poor standards in engaging with civilians and non-military institutions.
The military ought to exist to protect the territorial integrity of the country from external and internal threats and aggression, but has habitually turned on Nigerian citizens on very flimsy grounds, unleashing violence and dehumanization at scale. The current election season, however leaves Nigerians with a chilling ominous feeling of fear and hopelessness about the future of Nigeria.
It is rather troubling that the military has chosen to make this particular elections in Akwa Ibom state a personal venture in which it has a vested interest from the way and manner it has conducted itself. Even when it maintained a deafening silence over the burning of INEC offices in the state, it has surprisingly turned on innocent civilians spreading the fear and general apathy that has pervaded the air in the last 48hours.
The peace loving people of Akwa Ibom state are by this medium urged not be allow their spirits to be dampened, but to continue to be peaceful and go about their lawful business having successfully casted their votes. We call on the military high command to call its men and officers deployed in Akwa Ibom state to order and withdraw them immediately as there is no war or threat of war in the state.
Even as we are compiling a comprehensive report on the atrocities of the military personnel in Akwa Ibom state, we call on the international community and friends of Nigeria to pay more than usual attention to Nigeria and Akwa Ibom in particular with a view to ensuring justice is done to all who have put Akwa Ibomites in harm’s way.

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