13th August 2019 0

We at SING Foundation received the cheering news of the decision of the House of Representatives to investigate the murder of Dr. Ferry Gberegbe. Nigerians will recall that we had condemned the act, which was alleged to have been carried out by members of FSARS whose leader was mentioned by name. It is rather unacceptable that the Leadership of the Nigerian Police Force has failed to come forward and make a statement on this matter, not to talk of initiating an investigation of the claims that one of its own murdered an unarmed civilian.

We commend the leadership of the House of Representatives for standing with the people of Nigeria at such a critical moment when other arms and components of government had been silent. We call on the committee to do a thorough and extensive job of investigating this matter to bring comfort to the family and the numerous Nigerians who have to live with the uncertainties of police brutality. We call on the committee to ensure that it gets the viewpoints of as many critical stakeholders as possible, so as to get to the root of this matter.

We also call on the executive arm of government to follow in the footsteps of the House of Representatives and set up an independent panel of enquiry on the high incidences of violence in the last elections as well as the role played by security agencies and their personnel in perpetuating such.

Nigerians will recall that we had cautioned, having seen the emerging trend, on the grave dangers of excessive force by our security agencies.
To the people of Nigeria we assure you that, as a responsible Civil Society Organization, we will continue to mobilize for comprehensive police reforms, that make accountability the driving principle of policing in Nigeria in line with global best practices.

God Bless Nigeria!

Idris Usman
Executive Director

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