Police Siege: Niger Delta Youths Take Protest To EU
13th August 2019 0

Following the continued police siege of some Niger Delta states, Niger Delta youths under the aegis of Save Ijaw Nation Group (SING) have stormed the European Union (EU)to register their grievances.

The group came to EU with placards with the inscriptions, “development not violence; it is Nigeria Police, it belongs to all Nigerians, police not political parties; we reject police siege on Akwa Ibom state House of Assembly; no one is above the law, every perpetrators of crime in Niger Delta must be prosecuted; Nigeria Police is funded with our commonwealth, police must remain unbiased; we say no to the harassment of opposition politicians in Rivers state,” and host of others inscriptions.

The group called on the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Idris to caution his men to desist from harassing the opposition party and their states especially Akwa Ibom, Rivers and Bayelsa.
They also cautioned the police from harassing state houses of Assembly belong to the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The leaders of the group, who spoke to newsmen at the premises of the EU, are the Director of Strategy and Mobilisation, Comrade Okpanachi Jacob, the Media Strategy, Olufemi Lawson and the Executive Director and Board of Trustees member, Usman Idris-Etanami.
The group, in its petition titled, “continued siege and political interference by men and officers of the Nigerian Police Force across the state of the Niger Delta, Nigeria,” frowned at the role played by Police in Akwa Ibom state House of Assembly.
The said: “We, the Save ljaw Nation Group (SING) bring you solidarity greetings, and respectfully petition your good offices, to please immediately prevail on the Federal Government of Nigeria, on behalf of the Nigerian people, by taking steps to mitigate against the continued attempt, by men and officers of the Nigerian Police Force, to conspire with some politically exposed Nigerians within the Niger Delta region, to violate constitutional rights, and impose a siege, which restricts the freedom of our people, across the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.
“Of recent, the activities of the Nigerian Police, as could be confirmed in series of its interference in intra and inter party squabbles in Rivers State, arbitrary deployment and redeployment of Commissioners of Police in Bayelsa State, and most recently, the siege on the Akwa lbom Státe House of Assembly, where men of the Nigerian Police Force, aided five former members of the State’s House of Assembly, to illegally invade the House, while preventing the legitimate majority of 21 members, from gaining access, to the same Assembly complex
“As Nigerians, we are increasingly worried particularly on the recent partisan disposition of the Police Force, to issues of politics and right of Nigerians, to freely express their reservations, about the government, without being harassed, molested and unjustly detained by the police.

“We consider this conduct, as totally undeserving and a big threat to our democratic stability.
“The Nigerian Police, going by its recent posture and activities, have constituted itself into a major arm of the ruling party in the country, and therefore needs to be called to order.
“Nigerians, particularly the people of the oil producing Niger Delta region, are worried, and want to passionately appeal to you, to help question the federal government, on the actual motive of watching the Nigerian Police, virtually becoming an arm of the ruling party in the county
“We also want you to note, from our critical analysis of events, that whenever the people peacefully express themselves or protest any action of the Nigerian Police, a clampdown is undertaken, and their constitutional rights, taken from them.
“It will interest Your Excellency to note that, based on our assessment, it is becoming the norm for the Nigerian Police to ignore basic standards of policing, in carrying out its activities in most parts of the Niger Delta.
“Till date, most of the claims by the Police, for getting involved in some of those events, where we have discovered unethical behaviour, are mostly insincere, and can best be described as comical in all ramifications, as it also reveals the disturbing realities of the deeper import of their intention.
“Sir, there are obvious signs, that the Nigerian Police is testing the patience of Niger Deltans by their recent actions.

“We wish to state, that the Nigerian Police deserve to enjoy the enormous support of the Nigerian people at all times, going by the commitment of some of its men and officers, towards protecting our lives and properties. Yet, we cannot allow some desperate ones within the Force, to continually violate the constitutionally given powers of our people, and the interest of our democracy
“We are also appealing for your support, to assist Nigeria in promoting and sustaining a peaceful atmosphere, as we approach the crucial 2019 General elections.”

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