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Dear Partner, I am delighted to welcome you to the New Year and thank you immensely for your consistent support despite the challenges and uncertainties that characterized the year 2020. Your partnership gave us the needed boost to drive our vision to strengthen electoral processes, build human capital and advocate for environmental sustainability.

Our journey as a nation last year unpacked the peculiarities that make the vision of SING Nigeria a priority. We observed the detrimental effect of stacked-up years of poor funding and lack of prioritization in the educational sector. As the rest of the world transitioned to e-learning, millions of children in Nigeria were left behind due to surmountable inadequacies. This is compounded by the fact that 90 million people representing almost half of the country’s population live in extreme poverty, and one in every five of the world’s out-of-school children lives in Nigeria. Also, 80 million people lack access to electricity and over 60 percent of Nigerians still don’t have access to the internet…Read full message

20 years old Godwill Okadu narrates how SING ICT Training Program in Opume Community in Bayelsa state, transformed his life.

“If not for this program, I would have been farming in the village. I would not have wanted more out of life. I never had any interest in computers, I had no idea what a computer looked like as l had never seen one neither had the opportunity to touch a computer ever come up until I was enrolled for the training. This program really changed my life for the better, completely…” Read the full message


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The Code 3 Project is a flagship project that aims to skill up to eight thousand young people


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